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    about us

The Studio of Graphic Ideas was founded in 1990. For 25 years, borne on the wings of experience, youth, and the inexhaustible creativity of highly educated enthusiasts of graphic and web design, we have loved our job.


Our clients are individuals, companies, and corporations that want change and a better presentation and communication with a demanding market. In creating a visual identity, brand, product and packaging, or only in a re-design, we use the most sophisticated technical aids, which however, are only aids. The synergy of creativity, skill, experience, and imagination lead us in the right direction, while respecting the specific requirements of the client.


We also have a professional photography studio equipped with outstanding professional flash lighting and calibrators for maximum faithfulness in coloration and equipment for filming in the field with technical and image photography.


Through a partnership, we also offer our clients the highest quality printing services so that, in addition to each partial service, it is possible to obtain "start-to-finish" service – from the idea to realization with control over each step of the process, guaranteeing the maximum possible quality and delivery terms. We closely monitor the latest trends of technological development in the world of graphic and web design, as well as photography, and work to implement them in the most effective way possible.


We have received many international awards, and our work has been published in several international design publications. We would also like to add your identity, products, and presentation to our many years of experience, charm, and uniqueness.